Privacy Policy

Scope of this Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to reviewsinthebest, so that why we create a page called Privacy Policy to determine how we collect and use data collection,  sharing, age restrict, third party and advertising etc. This Privacy Policy cover to, all products, services listed in

Using Browser cookies

As an online marketer, our site use cookies in order to improve user experience. Cookies is a browser file which store about browser histories etc. We using this to filter only about histories which relate to our services and products, but not username and user password. By this technololy we can specify products and services which you most visit and you may like it. User can make choose to denies cookies, but note that some function of site may not work properly.

E-mail Collection Sharing

Beside cookies we use E-mail subscribe to collect your e-mail in purpose of contact in personal and send you every news post. In this case we hope you may all e-mail we send to you may what you are looking for. Every email is alert you that new products and services are raised up. This also allow user to unsubscribe after subscribe.

Data Collection by IP Addresses

We very time user access internet always using IP address to identify you computer. In this case reviewsinthebest collect user info such profile data (Computer Name) and location to provide you the nearest service provider and store as well.

Third Party

We may offer our Magazines through certain third party websites via a subscription page on such third party websites that is linked to this policy. For the avoidance of doubt, such subscription page is a “Covered Site” and this policy applies to information collected through the subscription page, but does not apply to information collected through the third party website

Delivery of Advertising and Other Content.

Every user visit this site may see some ads which come from advertising from third party, who set the cookies. Below are those third party

1. Amazon Associates is an Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Amazon’s advertising will be appear in this site. Please check Amazon privacy it get more amazon privacy scope.
2. Google Adsense Some of the ads are from Google. As we are a part of google partner, we don’t access google policy. If you want to know more about google privacy policy please following this link

Age Restrict

Every user under 14 years old are not allowed to our product and services. On the other hand if  any use on site with opposite site restriction do not provide any personal information and always request permission from parents or guardians.

Privacy Policy Changing

ReviewsintheBest may be update this Privacy Policy at anytime up real situation. We will post a notification to the homepage of our site in order to inform user about the change. We will post the the detail, date and the main point to change. As the change time will also send an email about this update. To ensure to get every update, we recommend user to frequently check this page. This Privacy Policy will help user to protect the personal information that we had collected.

By using, you are fully accept this policy. If you disagree to this policy, please do not use this site. If you are continue using this site we determine that you accept to this Privacy Policy and its change.