Top Best 3 Year Old Kids Balance Bikes Review in 2022

In the age of 3 years old kids it is time to teach how to play balance bikes for your child. Cycling is a fun and useful ability you should train your child. It is important to teach your child to learn to bike. They can learn how to balance them self with their bike. Most ideas said “If you can ride bicycle it not difficult to ride motorbike because you have foundation of cycling”. Biking is kind of exercise. Cycling help your child cardiovascular fitness and healthy. Your child can sweat during they play with their bicycle so that your child can be healthy. Other way, bicycling is one of the famous sports. They can exercise by ride their bicycle to school, workplace or anywhere if it not too far. We have best balance bicycles for your children in the age of 3 years old. However, it always come with some obstacles and disadvantages.

Purpose of Balance Bike

Cycling is not an easy thing to learn or teach. Riding bicycle need a trainer, a training field and it is easy to outgrown. So, we have balance bike for your children and facilitate your objective. On the other hand, it may dangerous, some accessories to protect your child must needed. For protected your child we have protected accessories as well. Now if you consider to train your child to ride a bicycle don’t think it is difficult to consider on purchasing bike including “price, model, how to set up, popularity and quality etc.”. Her we have good to get over on these problems. Balance bike can help you get out of these. Let get some information about some balance bikes below. What is balance bike?

Pedal-freeFor Kids only
Basic for step to motor or other bikesEasy outgrow
Best choice for kids to first learn riding bikeKids grow up fast
Footrest availableSome prefer pedal bike
Adjustable seat and handlebar
Variety Prices

8. Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

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Some About Schwinn Bicycle Company

Schwinn was found by Ignaz Schwinn Chicago in 1895. Ignaz Schwinn is a Germany. During the 1960s Schwinn was the most popular bicycle for children. Most matured child for bicycle learning, mostly those children would ask for Swchinn bicycle form their parents. 97 years after in bicycle, in 1992 Schwinn became a subsidiary of Pacific Cycle after declaring a bankruptcy. As it is subsidiary of Pacific Bicycle and its popularity can make you fill confidence to consider Schwinn balance bike as a first choice. After we have known some about Schwinn company next, we are going to take a look on some appearance of Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch.


Its seat has can be adjusted between 14″ to 16″ from to the lowest to the highest position.
Schwinn Balance bike’s handlebar has 34″ at the highest position and 20″ at the lowest position and 16.5″ handlebar width. Even if he or she is over or unreachable tall it is not the problems for you this Schwinn 12-Inch Balance Bike. The adjustable handlebar and soft cushioned seat can adjust to match to your children. Tires made from durable steel with aired tires. Its wheels have 12″ spoked. The cushioned grips are made up for smallest riders.

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7. Critical Cycles Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

Critical Cycles Cub Kids Balance Bike No Pedal Bicycle

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This bicycle was recommended by amazon with high rated, reviewed and well-priced products. Its handlebar and seat can be adjusted in order to respond to the child at the age of 20 months to 5 years old. Actually, before parents buy something for their child they always consider on safety, we cannot get over on this importance thing. Critical Cycles Cub Kids Balance Bike give priority to the safety. This kike was designed to make less risk which always happen with tricycle. The tires are made from 12-Inch foam tire (No air, no float, no slid). In this model has no pedal so we get over on hitting the pedal. The Balance and coordination allow child to learn foot-to-floor and step-to-thru. Lightweight bike makes it easy take with when you take trip.

6. Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike with Air Tires

Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike with Air Tires

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Some About Radio Flyer

Antonio Pansin have built wagons in 1917, Chicago. Firstly, Pansin was a craftman and made wooden toy wagons sell to local shops. His wooden wagons were the bestselling product. In 1923, he establishes Liberty Coaster Company. He had cooperated with an auto industry before the steel wagons was greated. Liberty Coaster Company was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1930. Radio steel than changed to Radio Flyer.

Products Details

Not different far from other balance bike, in order to reduce hitting with pedal Radio Flyer balance is pedal-free bicycle. Radio Flyer need your child to strike and learn to balance themselves. It come with 12″ air tires, your child will ride smoothly. Its grips are soft touch hand grip. The difference this from other model this Radio Flyer also have ringing bell. The ringing bell could make your child feel to play with this balance bike. Bike dimension is 34.25″ long, 16″ width and 20″ height. Cushion seat, adjustable (coordination and height) seat, Hand grips, air tires, ringing bell can make your child feel comfortable and enjoy riding bicycle. The advantages of this bike lead this bike to the best choice to buy.

5. Banana LT Lightweight Balance Bike | 2-4 Years Old

Banana LT Lightweight Balance Bike | 2-4 Years Old

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Products introduction

In 2017, Banana bike have upgraded almost all feathers such as Upgraded seat, quick released seat, durable metal headset and handlebar. In this innovation is easier to assemble and setup. Banana have shaped frame designed to deal with first learner. Balance bike come without pedal, it makes sure your child no-logger getting stuck with it. This problem always happens with tricycle. Other ideals said scooters were also came without pedal. Remember, scooter doesn’t have seat, your son can only play in short duration. Balance bike is perfect birthday gift for children.

Detail of Product Part

Balance bike has soft seat that can make your child feel comfortable while sitting on this bicycle. The seat can be stated as low as 12.2″ matched to first biker, and 15.75″ in maximum which 4 years old also can play. Soft grips are soft-touch grips. EVA Foam tires no more floated problem. It has 18.1″ or 46cm Handlebar, min 22.4″ and max 23.6″ tall, 33.5″ long. Pink, gray and blue are color option match to you child.

4. Strider Bike 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years

Strider Bike 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years

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Products Details

One of Amazon recommendation, Strider bike got almost thousand reviews, and almost 200 (questions and answered) on Strider balance bike is a revolution to make alight for your child to learn ride. As soon as the children have experience in thrill cycling, they are able to ride bicycle faster than tricycle training. These not only the reasons of the recommended product on amazon, but it was designed as lightweight, durable, easy to control, bike’s appearance and it is the best sell bike as well.

Detailed Product Parts

An Xl seat post and can be adjusted up to 3 inches from the lowest position. No-pedal make you feel less worry of being hit. Its handlebar come out with tow cushion grips. Handlebar height can adjust from 18 inches to 22 inches. Strider bike developed this balance bike with tow balance wheels to help children in balancing. Product dimensions 33 x 15 x 12 inches, and it is 6.7 pounds let you bring it while having a trip.
Conclusion, Strider bike 12 sport balance bike detail and the detailed product parts make Strider balance bike is the best choice for your child. By the way if you consider to buy this bike please click on the link placed to check price and more details on amazon

3. Yvolution Y Velo Junior | No-Pedal Balance Bike for Kids

Yvolution Y Velo Junior | No-Pedal Balance Bike for Kids

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Y Velo is the best balance bike for your children. Instead of just speaking, we are going to show many specialties of this balance bike.

Wieght and Capacity

First of all, it is a lightweight bike (8.3lbs or 3.8kgs), frame make from strong and durable aluminum. It has max loading weight up to 44.1lbs or20kgs. We can bring it with when go out for picnic or trip. Generally, an average 4 years old kids are about 17kgs, it is not a problem for 4-year-old kids. Y Velo bike has 26 inches in long, 11.81 inches in height and 17.71 inches in width which support to 4-year-old kids or under.


Second, Y Velo’s saddle was designed to slidable. Kid could slide on the comfortable beam saddle to the handlebar as close as they feel close enough and you can adjust it from 11″ in minimum to 14.17″ in maximum height. Third, soft and comfortable handlebar grips make it easier for kids to explore their surroundings. The grips are made from rubber without puncture. Fourth, this is a no-pedal balance bike. Hitting the pedal by accident will no-longer a problem to sores your child. Finally, the best point of this bike was, it has double back wheel. Your child can ride it easier even surface. This double back wheels will improve their coordination and reduce more falls. No more concern about maintain the tires, it is foam tires and can’t be floated.


Conclusion, Y Velo has proper size, weight, adjustable and slidable saddle, soft and comfortable grips, no pedal and the best wheels. The specialties of this balance bike make this bicycle be the best choice for someone who is looking for a balance bike for your kids. In the case you decided to buy this buy please click on the link that we provided in this section. Anyway, in product box included assembly kit, Y Velo Junior Balance Bike and instruction manual. The instruction manual to show how to set assemble, product details and how to use the bike.

2. GOMO Balance Bike with Footrest | Pedal-Free

GOMO Balance Bike with Footrest | Pedal-Free

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In this section, we are going to find the reasons why GOMO Balance bike is the best bike for first biking kids. This balance bike looks heavy, but it is really lightweight product. By the way, GOMO designed focusing on safety first. GOMO is a strong and durable bike. Suppose you have bought GOMO balance bicycle since they were 18 months, this bike will stay with your kids until they grow up over-ages. We can claim the idea above we can change position of the handlebar and saddle. This GOMO bike give their consumer 2 years manufacturing warranty in order to make consumer feel more confidence. This is very long-term warranty and other branches never noted.

GOMO Part Detail

After getting some basic information, we refer to the product parts. Firstly, we will never forget the saddle. The padded seat, soft cushion seat let kids feel comfortable. Because it has and adjustable seat, it isn’t boring. It is boring when the seat is lower or higher than your kids. GOMO allows you to modify from 12″ to 17.5″ in height. The handlebar has cushion grips without punctures. There are two heavy duty foam wheels cause no float problem. Generally, balance bike always come without footrest. In this post, we noted that there are only three bikes have footrest. Schwinn, Critical Cycles Cub and GOMO Balance Bike were taken care when your child in a proper speed. Kids need footrest to raise up their legs and place. This is a technique that let kids try to balance and coordinate. Pedal-free, which is mostly meets on learning bicycle or tricycle.


In conclusion, GOMO has perfect ability, parts, lightweight and provides 2 years manufacturing warranty. GOMO let kids learn fast. The designers have specified all parts focusing on safety first and make it is comforting. GOMO is perfect balance bike for your child.

1. Ridgeyard 12″ Kids Balance Bike

Ridgeyard 12

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Ridgeyard 12″ balance bike let safety as the priority concern. This balance bike has 43cm (16.93″) in total height matches to kids in rang of 2 to 6 years old. There is a cushioned saddle allow kids feel comfortable. Other hand, grips on handlebar also made from soft rubber as well. Both saddle and handlebar are adjustable so in the range of 2-6 years old are able to ride. Ridgeyard bike has inflation-free tires made from foam. It is an extremely lightweight product. Product dimension height, Long, and width (16.93″, 32.68″, 16.93″). No-pedal bike can avoid from hitting the pedal, and improve balance ability. In comparing, Ridgesyard is cheaper than other models. You can save more money and your children can also play it smoothly like other bikes.


In summary Ridgeyard best price, quality, safety product, cause learn fast are the reasons why this bike is first choice for your kids. We recommend the Ridgeyard balance bike for who wants to save money and get good bike.


In conclusion of all, Balance bike is the best toy product for kids. It is a sport, exercise or basic of riding, not an expensive toy or game. It is better for kids to play with kind of these than playing video games, smart phone or iPad. In recent research, kids that play iPad most of the time can separate them from the really sociality. They consider that iPad or smart are their friend, sometime when you talk to them, they never reply. It is a bit expensive product. However, it doesn’t mean that iPad or those smart phones are dangerous, but kids shouldn’t play. Cycling is body gaming that could make your kids stronger. Buy a balance bike today, and your child will have fun.

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